IBHC Programs & Services Workgroup 1:00 PT / 2:00 MT - Shared screen with gallery view
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Scott Rasmussen
I'm with Adam in recommending that the first sentence reads better if we identify the source where the gaps are identified and then strike it from the last line.
Jana Filer
Could we say programs and services?
Scott Rasmussen
I think what is written now captures it well
Scott Ronan
RecommendationsRecommendations for the next steps of the Community Resource Database are listed in priority order based on ability to realize the most effective strategies for moving forward.1. Development of a statewide implementation committee with dedicated project manager and key regional representation.2. Expand and refine collaboration in regions who are still building buy-in and agreement.Evaluate who is missing, why they are missing, and determine how to overcome the challenges to their participation.3. Provide facilitated sessions to build buy-in and agreement within each region to evaluate readiness for change and team make up for each region.4. Evaluate who has authority to make policy decisions and effect change.5. Provide each region demonstrations and explanations of the kind of technology available to support the new crisis management process.6. Have the statewide implementation committee, with facilitation and consultation from the chosen vendor, build a pilot process for regions that
Scott Rasmussen
I would benefit
Scott Rasmussen
Madam Chair, I did notice in the follow-up recommendations that the changes I was asked to make after the last board meeting were not captured. I will resend those out to the full group via email for feedback/discussion. Just tying up my assignment.
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