IBHC Advisory Council Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Some data on suicide rates by occupation. From the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/67/wr/mm6745a1.htm?s_cid=mm6745a1_w#T1_down and a different presentation of the same CDC that is easier to read (from a nursing publication): https://www.registerednursing.org/articles/suicide-rates-profession/
Toni Lawson
There are also limitations as to whether treatment can be provided at the crisis centers because of their non-licensed status.
Toni Lawson
Have to jump off. Will return as soon as I can. My apologies. My schedule is never my own during the legislature!
Jana Filer
Thank you.
Nicole Fox, MD
Re #1. Is there risk for cross over from grave disability to general competency evaluations in this redefining? In the redefining GD, how do we avoid this? There are no shortage of people who make poor decisions, with and without mental illness. Given that, in the setting of stigma against the mentally ill, how do we avoid decrease in civil rights?
Nicole Fox, MD
Re #10. Medical Hold can accomplish this
Krissy Broncho
What about those individuals in Indian Country that are under their own jurisdiction and not that of the State?
Nicole Fox, MD
Re #11. Does "initiate" mean petition for a hold? If that occurs, do we need to adjust the time to 1st DE to be shorter? In some states with this, the hold time to first DE is very short given that broader breadth of who can petition for a hold.
Nicole Fox, MD
RE #21. Is this meant to create a better pool of "less restrictive options" or is it more for someone after the commitment is complete?
Nicole Fox, MD
RE #25. in modifying this one, is the intention to say what is not considered psychiatric illness? If so, would we want to also spell out that there can also be a acute mental illness on top of non-modifiable TBI, dementia, etc?
Nicole Fox, MD
Sounds like we need to develop a dementia strategic plan as well as DD strategic plan in addition to BH plan.
BSU center for the study of aging led a few discussions in 2016? about dementia, a new "hold" process, and subsequent dispositioning.
Krissy, currently our relationship with the tribe is to have the person committed through the Idaho code. We are not currently able to accept a commitment through the tribe judicial process. At SHN we have worked with a number of folks from the north Idaho tribes.
Kimberly Hokanson
That was an amazing meeting. I apologize but I need to jump off. thank you everyone for the information!
Toni Lawson
Can you remind me what kind of timeline we're looking at? There is obviously enough for a multi-year plan. How many years do we have?
Maggie Finnegan
Prevention and Discharge were common themes from my perspective.
Jana Filer
I will get the flyer sent to my workgroups to share first thing tomorrow morning.